Becoming the Girl He Wants

by Lynn Cowle


I’ve done teen and tween devotional and bible reviews before. I like finding great sources for this age group. It’s always good to have some great books  for your tween and teen girls. While I’ve found some great ones for the younger age group it’s sometimes hard to find good ones for the teen’s in your life. They want a devotional that is not to young but you want one that isn’t to old for them. Well if you’ve been searching like I have look no further. Magnetic is the answer to your (and mine) prayers.

Magnetic is about how to be the girl who God wants you to be. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and accepting you for you. You are exactly who God wants you to be and you don’t have to be anyone else. Through the book your  teen will read about nine wonderful characteristics (the fruit of the spirit). By having these nine wonderful traits and qualities you will be beautiful on the inside and out. These are enriching qualities we should all have and live life by.

Magnetic is packed with quizzes that they will enjoy doing, as will as journaling questions that really get your teen thinking. Magnetic would  be a great gift this holiday season for the high schooler in your life. I have put up Magnetic and will give it to my girl when she is at the right age for Magnetic. Right now she is a little young but I know the day is coming soon that she will be thinking about guys and dating. Man that is going to be a hard day.

thank you Blogging for books and Multnomah Books for sending us a copy of Magnetic. All opinions and thoughts are my own and were no way influenced by the free book. 


Forever Christmas

by Robert Tate Miller


Another short story/ novella review and I LOVED this one! Forever Christmas was the sweetest love story I’ve read in a long time. It is a whole package you have hope, love and Christmas!  It’s like 2 of all time classic Christmas tales in one you have A Christmas Carol where Andrew gets a chance to make things right, a way to right his wrongs. Then you have It’s A Wonderful Life where he learns to live in each moment and fall in love with his love, life and family all over again. Not to mention the cover is so pretty with the red barn like door, pop of white ice skates and frosty snowflakes framing the whole cover.

Andrew’s marriage is falling apart, to make it big in the literary world he most eat, sleep and breathe manuscripts. His wife is giving him one more chance before she walks out that door. He is to spend Christmas with her. However things don’t go as planned there is a terrible life altering accident. Andrew is left heartbroken and making that prayer you make when you whole world has fallen apart. You will do anything, anything to change that one second.

A wonderful, sweet, Christmas novella that you need to add to your holiday reading!

thank you Thomas Nelson and Booklook Bloggers for allowing me to read and review Forever Christmas. The free book in no way influenced my review, all thoughts and opinions are mine. 

Love at Mistletoe Inn

A Year of Weddings Novella (year 2)

by Cindy Kirk


Novella’s seem to be all the rage now, lots of authors are doing this and so many genre’s have them. I’m mainly a full length novel gal. However I enjoy reading A Year of Weddings (year 1) with a few of them being ones I really enjoyed a lot, so I was excited to hear they were making another round of books. Love at Mistletoe Inn was good, not a favorite but a sweet story.

Love at Mistletoe Inn just seemed to scratch the surface and didn’t really dig deep. I know that can be hard when you only have 90 some pages, but I think this one could have had a little more detail. I did think it was a sweet story but one that might have been better as a full novel.

thank you Zondervan and Booklook Bloggers for allowing me to read and review Love at Mistletoe Inn. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by the free book. 

The Distance Between Us

by Kasie West

Published by HarperTeen


The Distance Between Us is a modern-day Cinderella complete with the poor girl and rich boy. The only difference in this one is at least the mom is alive {which is so rare in those Disney movies}.

17-year-old Cayman Meyers works in a doll shop in a small town. Not just any old doll shop it’s her moms so in a way it’s her’s also. She doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in a doll shop but she also doesn’t want to disappoint her mom.

Xander is a rich boy who is being groomed to take over the family’s business also, however for him that means 500+ hotels. He doesn’t want to do that and does everything in his power to make his dad mad.

While running an errand for his mom he meets Cayman and there is an instant attraction between them. Can their budding romance survive her best friends that are a little different from what Xander is use to? Can it survive his snobby stuck up friends and some family? They will have to fight and work hard towards what they really want in life and decide what they really want!

This is a  great book that is a fast read. Perfect for this summer’s reading list for any teen or upper middle school. It does contain 1 very small scene about 1 paragraph where he lifts her onto his kitchen counter and they are kissing and such but really it’s no different then the motel bed scene that is in Fault in Our Stars. I let my 8th grader read Fault in Our Stars and I’d let her read this one if she ask.

Black Ice

by Becca Fitzpatrick

black ice

I’ve been a big fan of Becca Fitzpatrick since I’ve read the Hush Hush trilogy. I was eager to get my hands on Black Ice and lucky for me my library had a copy when we went. I read this in 2 days but under 24 hours of actual reading time. This book was so good! I loved it!

I can’t really give away much but there are so many plot twist and turns that you will not see them coming! She leaves you second guessing everything you thought about most of the characters.

A story or first loves, real loves, deception, murder, sociopath, fear, survival and trusting someone when your really not sure who to trust any more!

Reading level: Upper Middle School to Adult. there are  a few heavy kissing scenes and maybe a few bad words but nothing most middle school aged kids haven’t read before.

book summaryBritt goes hiking in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming with her ex-boyfriend Calvin, but trouble arises when she is caught in a blizzard, taken hostage by fugitives, and finds evidence of murders.

November Bride

A Year of Weddings Novella Series

by Beth Vogt


I’ve read all the months and just started year 2. November Bride was by far my favorite! The characters were great and the story just flowed so fast and well, it was over before I even knew it, leaving me wanting more from Sadie and Eric.

Sadie is a personal chef and seems to have a issue with guys canceling or calling off the relationship through text messages. Her friends keep telling her to hold out prince charming is out there for her and maybe where she least expects it. She has a great job that she loves especially with this one family, however they are relocating to the west coast and leaving Colorado. They want her to go with them but is she ready to give on Colorado and leave her friends behind, especially her best friend Eric.

Eric has been friends with Sadie for as long as he can remember, could he be falling for her all over again? Yes, again see he tried to kiss her once and it didn’t go well. They have never talked about that time and he hasn’t been willing to try it again. However he see’s Sadie in a whole new light. One problem Sadie knows all about his commitment issues. Is it that he has commitment phobia or that he just hasn’t fallen for the right gal?

November Bride is about falling in love with your best friend and taking a big leap of faith. If it works out you have married your best friend and the one person who knows you better than anyone! If it doesn’t you’ve just lost your best friend and someone who has always been there for you. However sometimes you just got to take that leap of faith!

thank you Zondervan  for allowing me to review November Bride. While I recieved the ebook for free it in know way influenced my review. 

Celebrate Christmas with Brother Francis

Have you heard about Brother Francis yet? He is a lovable character with his own set of dvd’s, coloring/activity books and cd’s. Brother Francis has a great collection of Christmas items that make celebrating Christmas fun and educational at the same time.


The King is Born  ($10.99)


A collection of Christmas praises in song is a cute little collection of kid singers. The songs are ones that your little ones will know and love. This cd has 10 songs on it ranging from the traditional Silent Night and O Come all ye Faithful to the non traditional Savior of All and Ave Maria. The King is Born would be a great cd to play in the background of your home or classroom or car.

The Story of Christmas ($10.99)


A audio cd telling all about the First Christmas. Children (and families) can enjoy listening to the story of the First Christmas. With fun songs and story telling this is a wonderful cd to have around the Advent season. Perfect for the home, classroom and car listening.


The King is Born What Christmas is about (in Spanish and English $12.99)


Brother Francis is a fun character that bring the retelling of the First Christmas to life. This dvd is fun and entertaining my 2nd grader enjoyed it and told me she enjoyed seeing the First Christmas that she read about in her picture bible come to life through the cartoon. This dvd contains 1 episode, 1 catchy tune and 2 traditional Christmas songs.

  • The Christmas Story: explains all the wonderful events that leads up to the birth of Jesus
  • What is Christmas is a catchy little song that reminds all about Who Christmas is really about
  • Away in the Manger and Silent Night are the 2 traditional songs that your child is sure to know and continues the love and joyous time Christmas and Jesus birth is all about.

Coloring-Activity Book:

Brother Francis presents  

The King is Born Coloring and Activity Book:


A great little coloring and activity book perfect for home or on the go. Not sure about the license deal with them if you can print of pages for classrooms so you would have to ask them when you order it if you want to use it for religious education or your classroom. The pages are sturdy solid white pages making them perfect for markers, colored pencil, crayons or paints. This book is a great mixture of fun interactive pages that your child can to by themselves or you could do together to further the Christmas discussion. The coloring page drawings are wonderful and not babyish in any way so even your older child will enjoy coloring in this book. Priced at $1.99 making it a great little gift you could buy your classroom as Christmas gifts (if that is affordable and in your budget. ) This coloring book would also be a great Christ in Chirstmas stocking stuffer or perfect for Saint Nicholas day 2014.

A wonderful religious Christ in Christmas gift would be the dvd, cd’s and coloring/activity book. Perfect to gift your child, niece, nephews, cousins or god child, or your child’s religious education teacher or classroom teacher would love this as a Christmas gift. This is a gift that keeps on giving and growing in their catholic faith.

thank you so very much Herald Entertainment for sending us these great Christmas items. We have enjoyed the dvd, cd’s and coloring/activity book very much! I can’t wait to review more from you. Thank you so much for creating wonderful, fun products for children, to help them grow in their catholic faith. We enjoy them so much and grow together as a family.

25 Days of Christ

Christmas is just around the corner. Decorations are out and going up and our tree is up! I love Christmas and like to keep Christ in Christmas. We have fun and do all the fun things, along St Nicholas Day, Advent wreaths and reading lots of Christmas stories and books.

Have you heard of 25 Days of Christ?


It is this company that sells kits either already to go or unfinished and you can make it a family fun project. It is a wonderful way to keep Christ in Christmas and great for families.

Finished and ready to go is priced at $52.00


Unfinished is priced at $32.00


Each comes with the 25 ornaments, the booklet to help you along with the 25 Days of Christ and a nice little bag to keep them in. Plus the box is nice, sturdy and labeled so keep the bagged ornaments in the box for safe keeping through out the years.

We love our little ornaments and while we will do most of the book we have adapted it to fit Advent and other Catholic feast days through out December.

This is not a Catholic product but can be adapted to fit your religious beliefs.

thank you 25 Days of Christ for sending us a kit. 


Autumn Falls

by Bella Thorne


Autumn Falls is a cute book by Bella Thorne. Many will know Bella Thorne from her Disney show Shake it Up! You would think that she can slow down a bit now that her show is done. No way she is writing a YA novel, and I can see many upper middle grade kids enjoying this book. I know my 8th grader will.

Bella Thorne pulls many things from her own life when she was writing Autumn Falls, Autumn has fiery red hair, she has lost her dad and she has dyslexia. She also has some great true friends and a love interest that is an athlete. This makes fans of her’s really enjoy Autumn Falls. I like that she made the main character dyslexic. There needs to be more books out there where the teens (or tweens) have a learning disability. Show that while it makes learning harder they can still achieve all their dreams.

Autumn Falls is a light-hearted book, and follows Autumn as she is not only adjusting in a new town and state but life with out her dad. He left her a little something before he passed away. At first she was thinking seriously a journal, I hate writing it’s so hard. However she starts writing her dreams and wishes for her life and they start coming true. Could this journal be a magic journal? Could all her wishes come true? Autumn is a wonderful likeable character. A can see middle school and young YA readers really enjoying this book very much!

thank you Random House for sending us a copy of Autumn Falls, I scored major mom points by getting the hardcopy book before it was released. Even though I received the book for free, all opinions are my own and were no way influenced by the free book.

My Sisters the Saints

by Colleen Carroll Campbell


I did not recognize the author’s name however I have since found out she has a show on EWTN Faith and Culture. After reading this book I will be checking to see if we have that channel. Reading this book was like chatting over coffee. Granted some of this would be some pretty heavy chats. However sometimes you need to chat about heavier things with your friends.

Colleen had a saint whom became a dear friend to help and guide her through  each time in her life. Different times, trials and circumstances called for a different saint to help. Many of the saints you will know: Mary of Nazareth, Therese of Lisieux, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Teresa of Avilia, and Faustina of Poland. However there was one I didn’t know much about Edith Stein of Germany also known has Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. My Sisters the Saints had me curious and she is a very interesting saint that I’m so glad I now know about. Check her out sometime what an interesting life she lead.

Colleen shares her journey through out the years from feeling a bit lost in college (that is easy to feel) to her marriage! Through out the years she has saints that have helped her find her purpose and they have given her strength. A spiritual memoir is such a personal book to write and she holds nothing back she really lets you inside her life. I think that is part of the reason is it so enjoyable to read. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to end. This is a book that would be a great book to loan to friends. However make sure your name is in it because your going to want it back.

A wonderful book to read, share and gift to your family and friends. The women in your life will thank you for sharing such a remarkable memoir and inspiring book.

My Sisters the Saints book page

Read an Excerpt

About Colleen Carroll Campbell

thank you Image Books and Blogging for Books for sending me a review copy of My Sisters the Saints. While I was given a free copy it in no way influenced my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.